How to create a podcast


  • Come up with a topic
  • Find guest(s) to interview
  • Write a script
    • A detailed script leaves less room for error and nervousness, but the conversation will be less organic and spontaneous
    • Use an outline for more improvised discussions
    • Don’t forget that mistakes can be edited out
  • Remember to:
    • Tell a story
    • Keep it informative
    • Stay consistent with your style



  • Find a good time and place to record
    • Make sure there are no background noises (machines are off, window is shut, etc.)
  • Perform a test recording and play it back for quality control
  • Double ender
    • Host and guest record audio separately
    • Expect latency on the web
    • Clap at the beginning to sync the audio


  • Audio cleaning
    • Trim unnecessary pauses
    • Cut out fillers like “uhs” and “ums”
    • Remove background noise
    • Delete clicks with iZotope RX De-click
    • Normalize audio
  • Review audio
    • Make sure flow and delivery is good
    • Listen on multiple devices to verify quality (cheap/expensive headphones and speakers)
    • Playback at low audio as a litmus test


  • See post “How to publish a podcast for free
  • For podcast discoverability:
    • Use social media
    • Publish a written article (there are free and paid transcription tools that can convert your audio into text)
    • Upload videos

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