Name Description
remarkablegames Games that are remarkable
Lilboards Create boards, columns, and items
Encrypit Securely encrypt and decrypt files
Remarkable Podcast Podcast on technology and programming
html-react-parser HTML to React parser
npm packages npm packages authored by remarkablemark Hackathon project for HackFest 2019
Universal React Tutorial How to build a universal web app with Node.js & React
CORSmirror Proxy to websites with CORS enabled
npm package name checker Checks if npm package name is taken
Phonetic Alphabet Converter Converts string to NATO phonetic alphabet words
mdtocs Markdown table of contents generator
Link-Detective Finds broken or dead links
Jam-Session Make music with others in real-time
Calendar.js Simple calendar with zero dependencies
iTracker Reading App Speed reading web app
VisualNarrator Print text to screen