Create a bootable Windows USB on Mac

This post goes over how to create a bootable Windows USB stick on macOS.


You’ll need a(n):

  • USB flash/stick drive with at least 5GB of space
  • Apple laptop or computer running macOS
  • Windows ISO file (software download)

Create Bootable USB

Write the Windows ISO file to the USB stick with Apple’s Boot Camp Assistant:

  1. Insert the USB stick to your computer or laptop
  2. Launch Boot Camp Assistant from Applications > Utilities or Spotlight search
  3. Select Create a Windows 10 or later install disk Create a Windows 10 or later install disk
  4. Ensure the Windows ISO image and destination USB drive are correct before clicking Continue Create Bootable USB Drive for Windows Installation
  5. Once it’s done, eject the external drive and install Windows from the USB flash drive

Warning: Backup the files on the USB because the data will be lost after the drive is formatted.

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