When It's Time to Change Careers

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There are signs, feelings, and thoughts that occur when your career is no longer satisfying you. You may be bored and daydreaming of other exciting challenges, or you may be unhappy and dreading to go to work. Whatever the case may be, you should evaluate your situation and decide if you want to make changes to your life.

Your career represents a big part of you, so never settle for less than what you want. If you’re uncertain about taking the leap of faith, consider the following areas.

You’re Simply Not Interested

Sometimes it’s the most basic reason—you’re no longer interested in your line of work. This could be due to several things:

  • You fell into your current career through a series of rushed decisions (which is more common than what most people think).
  • You were interested before but your interests have now changed.

In any case, take a look at jobs where you can apply your skills to. Knowledge can be applied to novel areas. Maybe it’s time to broaden your horizons and jump from one profession or expertise to another—like going from graphic designer to web developer.

Your Thoughts Are Elsewhere

If you find your mind wandering during work, it may be a sign that your job is no longer challenging you. This may be a case where your job is no longer providing adequate growth opportunities. It may be time to go back to education.

Online courses are a quick way to get started in a new field of interest. If you decide not to pursue the field, it’s alright since the investment cost is minimal. But if you do decide to pursue it, then you have created a new path for your future.

You Have a Dead-End Job

Some jobs have not translated well into this era. But some workplaces simply do not provide the correct environment and stimuli for people to grow. This is the number one reason for burnout and demotivation.

If you think you’ve reached the ceiling of your current career, then it’s time to move on to the next big thing. In that case, why not enroll in a coding bootcamp to access the jobs of the future?

Your Strengths Are Not Utilized

If the work assigned to you doesn’t make use of your skill sets and your employer doesn’t support your professional development, then you may be in the wrong place, according to consultant Beth Kuhel in an interview with Forbes.

However, before completely ruling out your current job, you can try exploring other areas of interest. For instance, ask your employer to help you switch teams or acquire new skills and qualifications. This may be a case of the wrong career path and not the wrong company.


Change is difficult but necessary for growth in both your personal and professional life. If you have doubts about your current job, it means you’re not satisfied and this will prevent you from reaching your full potential. You’re the only person who knows your own situation and emotions, but it’s never a good idea to remain in an unhappy situation out of fear of the unknown. Who knows if your ideal job is waiting for you out there? You can find out by taking the first step.

Guest post by David Torrealba.

David Torrealba is a Venezuelan journalist, illustrator, and SEO writer. He has been creating content for blogs, social media, newspapers, and websites since 2016.

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