Remove Travis CI from GitHub

This article goes over how to remove Travis CI from your GitHub’s:


Revoke Travis CI from Account settings > Applications:

Revoke Travis CI from personal account settings Applications

In Applications, check if Travis CI is added in:


Deny Travis CI access from Organization > Account settings > Third-party access:

Deny Travis CI access from organization account settings Third-party access

In Account settings, check if Travis CI is added in:

  • Webhooks
  • Installed GitHub Apps



Delete .travis.yml from your repository root.


Uncheck Travis CI status checks from your repository Settings > Branches > Branch protection rules:

  • Travis CI - Branch
  • Travis CI - Pull Request

Don’t forget to save your changes.


Delete Travis CI from your repository Settings > Webhooks:

Delete Travis CI from repository Webhooks

Travis CI

Finally, don’t forget to change your plan to the free one so you stop paying.

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