Minikube HyperKit error

Recently, I had trouble starting minikube. When I ran the start command:

minikube start

I got the error:

Starting minikube. This can take a long time.
* minikube v1.6.2 on Darwin 10.14.6
* Selecting 'hyperkit' driver from existing profile (alternates: [virtualbox])

! 'hyperkit' driver reported an issue: exec: "hyperkit": executable file not found in $PATH
* Suggestion: Run 'brew install hyperkit'
* Documentation:

X hyperkit does not appear to be installed, but is specified by an existing profile. Please run 'minikube delete' or install hyperkit

I verified that hyperkit was installed with brew:

brew list hyperkit

So the issue was that the hyperkit binary wasn’t available in $PATH:

which hyperkit
hyperkit not found

This means we have 2 ways of resolving this:

  1. we can either symlink the binary so it’s available in /usr/local/bin/
  2. or add the binary to $PATH

To symlink the hyperkit binary so it’s available in /usr/local/bin/:

ln -sf $(brew --prefix hyperkit)/bin/hyperkit /usr/local/bin/hyperkit

The hyperkit binary should now be available:

which hyperkit

Add to $PATH

To include the hyperkit binary in $PATH, you need to append the following line to your .bashrc or .zshrc:

echo 'export PATH=$(brew --prefix hyperkit)/bin:$PATH' >> .bashrc

This means the last line of your .bashrc or .zshrc is:

tail -1 ~/.bashrc
export PATH=$(brew --prefix hyperkit)/bin:$PATH

Reload your shell by sourcing .bashrc or .zshrc:

source ~/.bashrc

Verify that the hyperkit binary is there:

which hyperkit

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