Conventional Release Setup

Run conventional-release-setup in your Terminal to enable your project to be released with Conventional Commits:

npx conventional-release-setup


Most of my projects rely on Conventional Commits for releasing. But because the setup is repetitive, I decided to automate the process.

So in the past, I would manually:

Now I run the executable and it does all that for me.


If the binary is installed globally, you can execute it like so:

npm install --global conventional-release-setup

Otherwise, execute it with npx:

npx conventional-release-setup

For your first release, it’s recommended to do the following:

git stash
npx standard-version --release-as 1.1.0
git stash pop

See standard-version > First Release for more details.


You can find conventional-release-setup on:

Feel free to check out the GitHub repository.

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