Phonetic Alphabet Converter

Phonetic Alphabet Converter parses a string into a list of NATO phonetic alphabet words.

You can download phonetic-alphabet-converter from:

The reason I published another phonetic alphabet package was because I couldn’t find one that builds to UMD.

Since my end goal was to build a website, I wanted to load the library over a CDN instead of having to set up a build system.

While designing the UI, I used Material Components for the web (MDC Web) as the design system.

I wrote the package in TypeScript and found it easy to use after the initial set up. The type checking was also very helpful.

However, one downside was that the TypeScript compiler doesn’t support building to UMD with a global variable (see issue). Thus, I had to bundle with rollup as well. (For more details, check out how to build to UMD with rollup.)

You can find the repository on GitHub.

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