Socket.IO quickstart

This post goes over how to get started with Socket.IO:


Install express:

npm install express

Create an express app:

// index.js
const express = require('express');
const http = require('http');

const app = express();
const server = http.Server(app);

const PORT = 3000;
server.listen(PORT, () => console.log('Listening on *:' + PORT));

Create directory public, which will serve static files:

mkdir public

Create index.html:

echo 'Hello world' > public/index.html

Update the express app to serve the static directory:

// index.js
// ...

Start the server:

node index.js

Go to localhost:3000 in your browser to see Hello world:

open http://localhost:3000/



npm install

Add Socket.IO to the server:

// index.js
// ...
const Server = require('');
const io = new Server(server);

io.on('connection', (socket) => {
  console.log('User connected:',;

  socket.on('disconnect', () => {
    console.log('User disconnected:',;

Add Socket.IO to the client:

<!-- public/index.html -->
<script src="/"></script>
  var socket = io();
  socket.on('connect', function () {
    console.log('User connected');

Press Ctrl-C to stop the server and then restart the server:

node index.js

Refresh the page to see messages show up in your browser and terminal console.

You can start sending and receiving events!


Replit example:

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