Installing an older homebrew package

When installing a package with homebrew, you’ll most likely get the latest version.

Usually that’s okay, but what if you need an older version of that package?

In such a scenario, you can install from an older formula url:

$ brew install <formula_url>


Let’s say you want to install chromedriver version 2.22.

First, uninstall chromedriver if it’s already installed:

$ brew rm chromedriver

Now find the formula in homebrew-core:

Find chromedriver formula

The formula filename should be chromedriver.rb.

Open the file in GitHub and click History.

Use the commit message as a reference to find the version that you desire:

Browse chromedriver history

Open the file at that point in history.

Finally, click on Raw to get the url of the raw file.

Copy it and paste it after brew install:

$ brew install

Voila, you have an older version of chromedriver installed with brew!

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